Netpigs is a turn-based game inspired to classic conquering games with dices, like Risk.

It's free, multiplayer, and you can play online with your favorite web browser without downloading any app.

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Netpigs is a turn based game, you don't have to stay connected all the time to end a game!
Each player gets a message when it's his turn. You can choose to make your move when you wish, within a large time frame, of 24h or more, depending on the options chosen by the players.
So games can last hours, days or even weeks!

To play a live Risk game, you need to organize yourself with friends to spend an evening playing; with Netpigs you can choose to play whenever you want.
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pig icon Play real time with fast turns or long matches "by correspondence", turn based, in which each player has up from 1 day to 2 weeks to make his move.

pig icon There are various maps on which to compete and so many options to choose from in every game, which affect the game strategy.

pig icon Countless ranking tables on which to compete from the start: general ranking, rankings by map, prizes and cups every month.

pig icon Official tournaments in which all Netpigs players can challenge everyone else.

pig icon Boards of trophies, stats, avatars, heralds, achievements, battle cry and many other features suggested by, and developed for, the players of Netpigs.

pig icon There are options for color blind players that allow anyone to play: just enable a label to display next to the colors that you don’t distinguish

pig icon Accessible by smartphones, PC, tablets, PDAs and any device with a web browser.

pig icon It’s free, just sign up with an email address. You will not receive spam!

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Netpigs Map 1 Netpigs Map 2 Netpigs Map 7