It is the classic knockout tournament: the winners get access to the next round.

Banana Cup

Experimental: In addition to the winner, the players who get the best score, calculated using the same system of a walkover, will pass the turn.

Minimum requirements

Only registered users at least 90 days and who have completed at least 25 games with ranking can join the tournament. The players who have reached the limit of ordinary games can also join.


Registration opens automatically one week after the end of the previous tournament and remain open for one week, after which the system creates the group.

Options match

The tournament is played on the Roundels map, with hidden objectives, timeout: 24 hours, free-weekend option enabled. The games do not count for the ranking and there is no the pig of hope. The vacation mode is neglected.


Timeout is automatic and eliminates the player directly from the game. The check is performed every 6 hours.

More information

The system creates groups of 3 and 4 players, the final game will be from 3 to 8 players, but if a few games in the semifinals fails (ie. all players drop out) the final game could also be a head-to-head).
The games begin immediately after the closing of entries.
When all the games will end, the tournament advances to the next round.
The stages of the tournament are calculated automatically every 6 hours.